Python Program to Trim Whitespace From a String

In this example, you will learn to trim whitespace from a String.

To understand this example, you should have the knowledge of the following Python programming topics:

Example 1: Using strip()

my_string = " Python "




strip() removes the leading and trailing characters including the whitespaces from a string.

However, if you have characters in the string like '\n' and you want to remove only the whitespaces, you need to specify it explicitly on the strip() method as shown in the following code.

my_string = " \nPython "

print(my_string.strip(" "))



Example 2: Using regular expression

import re

my_string  = " Hello Python "
output = re.sub(r'^\s+|\s+$', '', my_string)



Hello python

In the regex expression, \s denotes the whitespace and \ is the or operation. + one or more occurrences of the pattern left to it.

Learn more about regex at Python RegEx.

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